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A Quick Thank You

Thank you for your business over the years!

QuickBT was open from Aug 10, 2013 until Dec 10, 2018 - making us one of the longest continously running Digital Currency operations in the world!

We overcame banking barriers, service cancellations, hackers from everywhere, and regulatory uncertainty.

We introduced Canadians to their first Bitcoin and inspired them to embrace Digital Currency technology.

In total, we sold Bitcoin over 215,000 times in just a five year period.

And we did so without ever holding a coin, collecting a passport, or (knowingly) being hacked.

Please visit one of our friends to complete your purchase:

Shakepay.co - Buy Instantly

Coinsquare.io - Canadian Bitcoin Exchange

QuadrigaCX.com - Canadian Bitcoin Exchange

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

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